Covid-19 PCR testing



LATAK accreditation

Covid-19 testing is performed at the iVF Riga Genetic Centre. Testing is carried out at the Sample collection point or during an outward visit only for a fee and by appointment. Total response time: 24 hours.

To sign up for a Covid-19 test or register a visit, please call +371 27 331 393

Sample collection point: Uriekstes Street 1, Riga. Waze or Google Maps coordinates: 56.988656, 24.119245

Samples are taken only on weekdays from 8:00 to 20:00.

After you signed up for the test, you need to pay for it at

You will not be able to pay in cash. At the testing time, a payment order must be presented, which must contain the name, surname, personal code, Covid-19.

The test material is taken from the nose and throat. Upon arrival at the sample collection point, a personal identification document shall be required. Precautions should be taken: 2 m distance between visitors; face mask must be used; if you have illness symptoms or you are in quarantine, you should arrive by private car or on foot.

The results will be sent by email in coded form.

It is forbidden to come to the Covid-19 test without an appointment!

Useful information: