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The content of iVF Riga-online website https://ivfriga-online.lv/en/ (published materials) is protected by the Republic of Latvia (see Copyright Law) and international law. All author’s publications are the property of “iVF Riga” Ltd.

Republishing and references

Full or partial republishing of the content published on the iVF Riga-online website in other information sources (websites, mass media, booklets, etc.) is allowed only with the written permission of “iVF Riga” Ltd. Contact e-mail: Anna.Dorondo@ivfriga.eu. Each request is assessed individually.

When republishing the content, the source of information undertakes to indicate the precise reference to iVF Riga-online and to delete the publication at the request of “iVF Riga” Ltd.

“iVF Riga” Ltd. permission is not required in cases where the source of information (the website) only places a link to the publication of the portal.

It is allowed to cite the content of the iVF Riga-online website without restriction, indicating the reference to the iVF Riga-online website.

Reference sample: Published (dd.mm.yyyy) on the iVF Riga-online website.

Publication title. Link to publication on the iVF Riga-online website.

If the reference is not drafted or is incorrect, the iVF Riga-online portal asks to delete the publication or clarify the reference when possible.

The reference is also obligatory in cases when the publications of the iVF Riga-online website are used:

  • for information, judicial, educational, research purposes;
  • reproduced for the visually, hearing impaired, for libraries and archives.

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