About Us

About Us

We have created an online store so that our services are available to you at any time – no matter whether you can come to us or not.

This page presents available services of three iVF Riga structures:
  • iVF Riga Clinic
  • Genetic Centre
  • Stem Cell Centre

Within the iVF Riga Clinic, we will provide you with online consultations, and we will be much more accessible to you and will be able to resolve many things together faster and more effectively through online consultations.
The Genetic Centre will be able to perform various genetic tests for you. You purchase the test you need and we will send you a saliva collection kit. When we receive it back, we will perform the test you need and send you the results in a coded way by email.

You can also get a consultation with a Geneticist online.

At the Stem Cell Centre, you will have the option to purchase the Cord blood Collection Kit and the Umbilical cord tissue Collection Kit with an initial fee.

Why choose iVF Riga?

  • Our clinic employs qualified professional with years of experience in the field of Reproductive Science,
  • Genetics, Embryology and Patient coordination.
  • We handle the most complex cases, even the ones many failed attempts of treatment in other clinics.
  • Almost 3 thousand children have been born worldwide.
  • We have succeeded and continue to improve in the field of infertility treatment.
  • Our success rating is 85% successful pregnancies.
Quality Standards
  • iVF Riga Clinic meets all requirements of quality standards ISO 9001 recognized worldwide. The clinic has also been successfully certified in accordance with international standards for medical laboratories ISO 15189.
  • Priorities of iVF Riga Clinic include Quality Patient Care, personal approach and professional development.
Unique opportunities
  • Selection of embryos using the unique EmbryoScope incubator, a truly revolutionary technique for infertility treatment.
  • The one and only genetic laboratory in Northern Europe and the Baltic States where genetic diseases can be detected at the embryo stage.
  • The first bank of genetic material in the Baltic States. Possibility to store your own genetic material for many years ahead (10 years).
  • Urology and andrology services, surgical treatment.
Donor programmes
  • Oocyte donation, sperm donation, embryo adoption.
  • We carefully select the donor for recipient.
  • Our donors undergo complete medical, psychiatric and genetic examinations.
  • We do not share the oocytes, which are collected during puncture, amongst the recipients.
Hi-Tech Laboratory
  • Our embryology and genetic laboratories are equipped with hi-tech equipment.
    In addition, we work with advanced diagnostic and laboratory equipment.
Friendly Staff
  • Our staff is friendly and caring.
    We are always ready to help you and are willing to answer all of your questions.

We are closer to you to help solve the issues within our competence in a way that is more convenient for you.